Histology services and TMA construction: Tariffs

Both AO San Gerardo (HSG) (San Gerardo Hospital) and the Dipartimento di Scienze Chirurgiche (DISC) (Surgical Sciences Department) of the Universitá di Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB) may provide histology services inclusive of TMA construction on a fee for service basis.

HSG: To require histology services to HSG you may write to the CEO asking to sign a contract for such services. At the moment, isolated purchases are not provided.
The contract may be either within a scientific collaboration or as a service; in the former case, both parties file a project which includes the coverage of the cost.
If your request includes human material in the custody of HSG, either as a collaboration or as a service, you must file a request with the HSG IRB (Comitato Etico Indipendente (CEI))
UNIMIB: the University may sign a contract with HSG, in which there are histology services and TMA fees, in case you contract with UNIMIB such services. If there is no human material or the material is not in the custody of HSG, no hospital IRB approval is required.

Integrated Systems Engineering Srl, scientific partner with the Facility, may help in arranging services which cannot be directly handled by either HSG or UNIMIB.

To calculate those tariffs, you may download an Excel file at this link.
The file has yellow fields fillable with the numerosity and choices you may want to do. Examples of such calculations are reported below.
The bottom field represents the choices we have highlighted above:
- insert A if the services are for a fee and do not include human material in the custody of HSG. In this case additional taxes may apply.
- insert nil if the services you are requesting are not part of a collaboration with HSG and the human material is used as a substrate.

This calculator may be used also to calculate the costs of the TMA vs traditional immunohistology technique.

Note: use Microsoft Office 2007 or later. Previous versions may wrongly tally the TMA costs because of a bug in box D24.

You can also download at this link a .pdf file with examples of the tariffs of individual items.

Here below three examples of the calculation of costs for histology services.
In the third is illustrated an immunohistology staining (with the primary antibody provided by the client).

Here below find examples of the costs for TMA services. The first on the left consists of 50 blank TMA sections and one H&E from a 10-cases TMA (and controls). The second on the right consists of 50 blak sections, one H&E and 4 IHC from a 25 cases TMA, 4 cores/case.